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What makes us standout

We provide variety of project solution

We are a unique core of multi-skilled tradesman dedicated to service excellence in an extensive service portfolio.

Best possible equipment

We pride ourselves in using quality equipment, this assists us delivering satisfactory projects.

'strong foundations start with perfect planning'

Hands At Work

Some History

After working for several years in  large, trusted construction companies, i manages to gain vast and most valued experience.  In 2010 i started the next professional business chapter in my life and went solo, and as a result, offering my excellent structured skills.

Parden Fletcher Shaba

We Are More Than Just Construction

Our Values






Customer Satisfaction

Our Work Process

Our customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. We ensure sufficient planning to execute our expected services sufficiently.

Discovering Opportunities

Meeting with our clients to determine the exact needs provides us all to discover possible possibilities to creating and completing a project

Build Foundations

Sufficient planning from the get go is extremely important to maintain and assure on time delivery of various stages of work from the foundation up

Launch Project

On completion of our detailed planning and satisfied client discussions, we then proudly prepare ourselves to launch another project by Hands at Work


'proudly offering more than expected'

greatest asset

our Clients and Experience